Circuit Board B12404-1 (110V) for WEISS Lathe WBL250F


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Circuit Board B12404-1 (110V) for WEISS Lathe WBL250F

**Circuit Board B12404-1 (110V) for WEISS Lathe WBL250F**

**Product Description:**

Optimize the performance of your WEISS Lathe WBL250F with the precision-engineered Circuit Board B12404-1 (110V). This high-quality replacement part is designed specifically for the WBL250F model, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced functionality. Whether you are upgrading or replacing an existing component, the B12404-1 circuit board guarantees reliability and efficiency.

**Key Features:**

– **Exact Fit for WEISS Lathe WBL250F:** Tailored specifically to match the specifications and requirements of the WEISS WBL250F lathe, ensuring perfect compatibility and easy installation.
– **High Voltage Handling (110V):** Engineered to handle 110V power supply efficiently, providing stable and consistent performance during demanding operations.
– **Robust Construction:** Manufactured with high-grade materials and advanced technology for durability and long-lasting performance, even under intensive use.
– **Enhanced Performance:** Improves the overall functionality of your lathe, allowing for smoother and more precise operations, which is critical for detailed and accurate machining tasks.
– **Easy Installation:** Designed for straightforward installation, minimizing downtime and allowing you to get your lathe back in operation quickly.
– **Safety Compliance:** Adheres to industry safety standards, ensuring safe and reliable operation within your workshop environment.

**Technical Specifications:**

– **Model Number:** B12404-1
– **Voltage:** 110V
– **Compatibility:** WEISS Lathe WBL250F
– **Material:** High-quality electronic components
– **Dimensions:** [Provide dimensions if available]
– **Weight:** [Provide weight if available]


– **Increased Efficiency:** Enhances the performance and efficiency of your WEISS lathe, reducing operational downtime and maintenance.
– **Reliable Performance:** Guarantees consistent


Model No. B12404-1
Code No. 38080221
Voltage 110V
Weight 1.32 lbs
Weight 3 lbs


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