WEISS VM32L 8″ x 33″ Benchtop Milling Machine Variable Speed 100-2250 RPM 2HP(1500W) Brushless Motor Bench Mill Drill with R8 Spindle


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WEISS VM32L 8″ x 33″ Benchtop Milling Machine Variable Speed 100-2250 RPM 2HP(1500W) Brushless Motor Bench Mill Drill with R8 Spindle

Technical Details
Model Number VM32L
Item Number 10203325
Max. Drilling Capacity 1-1/4″
Max. End Milling Capacity 3/4″
Max. Face Milling Capacity 3″
Spindle Stroke 2-3/4″
Rang of Spindle Speeds Variable 100-2250 rpm
Taper of Spindle R8
Drawbar 7/16″-20
Max. Distance Spindle to Table 18-1/2″
Max. Distance Spindle to Column 8-1/4″
T-Slot Size 3 @ 9/16″
T-Slot Centers 2-1/2″
Table Size 33″ x 8 – 1/4″
Cross Travel (Y-Axis) 8-5/8″
Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis) 22-1/2″
Vertical Travel (Z-Axis) 18-1/2″ 
Table Leadscrew Pitch 10 TPI (.100″ Per Turn)
Headstock Tilt Lef&Right ±90°
Motor Power (Brushless type) 2 HP
Power requirement Single Phase 110V 60Hz
Packing Size 45-1/4″ x 27-3/8″x44-7/8″
Net Weight 486 lbs
Gross Weight 548 lbs
Product Description

New update features with Keyless Chuck, Metal oil gun & Toolbox, Foot tapping switch,

·   VM32L Variable speed enables to operate easily

 ·   Spindle is supported by high precision taper roller bearing

 ·   Spindle RPM can be monitored on the digital readout.

 ·   Spindle movement can be monitored on depth ruler in both inch or metric way

·  VM32L has 2 HP POWERFUL brushless motor with silent running.  Compare to old DC motor with brush, no need to change the carbon brush any more.

 ·  High quality electronics used throughout machine for long term reliability

 ·  Brushless motors has high efficiency, low noise (quiet), smooth operation, long life, low maintenance costs. Especially with low energy consumption brings better economic benefits to users

· VM32L precision manual fine down feed can be adjusted with the min. feed rate up to 0.002″

· A clear chip guard with switch-off function on the spindle keeps debris from flying at the operator.

·  Single speed belt drive system provides more quiet and easy operation, avoid any failure prone plastic gears and the hassle of changing them when stripped (on old version mill)

· Tooth belt provide strong and precision transmission

The dovetail rails are equipped with adjustable taper inserts for greater wear resistance

·   VM32L features tapered gibs with double locks which adds accuracy and rigidity

Dovetail column

Mill head can be tiltled 90 degrees

·  Loosen three nuts and one bolt to adjust the mill head angle

All leadscrews are true inch pitch screws. Large dials with .002″ graduation for easier reading


Features VM32L

If you’re looking to buy a benchtop milling machine that delivers precision and power, the VM32L Bench Milling Machine is an excellent choice. Equipped with a brushless motor, this versatile metal milling machine is designed to handle a variety of tasks, including milling, drilling, and pressing.

The VM32L boasts impressive features that make it a standout in its category. Its brushless motor ensures long-lasting performance and requires less maintenance compared to traditional motors. This is a significant advantage for those who seek a reliable metal milling machine for consistent use.

When it comes to milling, the VM32L excels with its robust construction and advanced capabilities. Whether you are working on intricate metal parts or larger components, this benchtop mill offers the precision and stability you need. The milling table provides ample space and smooth operation, allowing for accurate and detailed work.

Moreover, the drill press functionality of the VM32L enhances its versatility. You can easily switch between milling and drilling tasks, making it a multifunctional tool for any workshop. Its compact size ensures it fits perfectly on any bench, saving space while delivering powerful performance.

In summary, the VM32L Bench Milling Machine with a brushless motor is a top-tier choice for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient metal milling machine. Buy a benchtop milling machine today and elevate your workshop’s capabilities with this exceptional mill, drill, and press machine.

Weight 548 lbs


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