Weiss MPV290F Lathe Milling Combined Machine 750mm Distance Betwen Centers

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Weiss MPV290F Lathe Milling Combined Machine 750mm Distance Betwen Centers


Introducing the Weiss MPV290F Lathe Milling Combined Machine – a powerhouse in precision machining designed to elevate your workshop capabilities. With a generous 750mm distance between centers, this versatile machine seamlessly integrates lathe and milling functions, offering unparalleled flexibility for your machining projects.

Precision meets efficiency with the Weiss MPV290F, providing a reliable solution for both turning and milling operations. Crafted with advanced engineering, this machine ensures high-performance results, making it an indispensable asset for metalworking, prototyping, and small-scale production.

Key Features:
1. **750mm Distance Between Centers:** Accommodate a wide range of workpieces with extended flexibility, allowing you to tackle diverse projects with ease.

2. **Lathe and Milling Integration:** Experience the best of both worlds as the Weiss MPV290F seamlessly transitions between lathe and milling functions, eliminating the need for multiple machines.

3. **Precision Machining:** Achieve superior precision with every operation, thanks to the cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship embedded in the Weiss MPV290F.

4. **Versatile Applications:** From turning intricate components to milling precise contours, this combined machine is designed to handle a myriad of tasks, making it an ideal choice for various industries.

5. **Durable Construction:** Built to withstand rigorous usage, the Weiss MPV290F boasts a robust construction, ensuring longevity and reliability for your machining needs.

6. **User-Friendly Controls:** Navigate through your projects effortlessly with user-friendly controls, allowing both seasoned professionals and beginners to operate the machine with confidence.

Invest in the Weiss MPV290F Lathe Milling Combined Machine and unlock a new dimension of machining capabilities. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a hobbyist, this machine empowers you to bring your ideas to life with precision and efficiency. Elevate your workshop with the Weiss MPV290F – where innovation meets performance.


ITEM NO. 10110718
Distance between centers 750mm
Swing over bed 290mm
Swing over cross slide 170mm
Width of bed 180mm
Taper of Spindle bore MT5
Spindle bore 38mm
Number of spindle speeds Variable
Range of spindle speeds 50-2000mm
Range of longitudinal feed 0.07-0.40mm/r
Range of cross feed 0.02-0.28mm/r
Range of inch threads 8-56T.P.I
Range of metric threads 0.2-3.5mm
Top slide travel 80mm
Cross slide travel 140mm
Tailstock quill travel 80mm
Taper of tailstock quill MT3
Motor(Brushless) 1500W (2HP)
MILL/DRILL Movable mill head
Max.driling capacity 20mm
Max.end milling capacity 16mm
Max. face milling capacity 63mm
Taper of spindle bore MT2
Spindle stroke 50mm
Range of spindle speeds 50-2250rpm

Max. Distance spindle to table 375mm
Max. Distance spindle to column 185mm
Heads tilt left & right ±90° Motor(brushless) 1100W

Standard Equipment:
Brushless DC motor
3-Jaw chuck (160mm)
4-way tool post
Chuck guard
Splash guard
Chip tray
Movable luxury stand with horizontal adjustment and lock function
Tools &Toolbox



Weight 587 lbs


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