WEISS WBL1835 Mini Metal Lathe 7″ x 14″ Benchtop Brushless Motor Lathe Variable Speed 100 – 2250 RPM 3/4HP (550W) WIth 4″ 3-jaw Chuck

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. We strongly recommend this powerful valuable 7″x14″ Mini Metal Lathe with 3/4 HP Brushless Motor provide variable speeds from 100 – 2250 rpm
2. Amazing size but packed full of features, this strong machine could provide the perfect introduction to those wanting to start metal turning for the first time.
3. This mini lathe is small enough to fit into the corner of the workshop and light enough to be truly portable. The capacities, 7″ diameter and 14″ between centres, are surprisingly large for a machine of this overall size.
4. This mini lathe is equipped with features found on larger lathes including 4″ three-jaw chuck with external jaws, a turret tool post, full featured carriage and apron assemblies, threading dial and quick-lock tailstock
5. WEISS Nanjing factory provides reliable quality, in time service and fast technical support

Product Description


New updated features with steady rest, follow rest, face plate and all metal gears!

· WBL1835 has 3/4 HP POWERFUL brushless motor with silent running. Compare to old DC motor with brush, no need to change the carbon brush any more.

· High quality electronics used throughout machine for long term reliability

· Brushless motors has high efficiency, low noise (quiet), smooth operation, long life, low maintenance costs. Especially with low energy consumption brings better economic benefits to users

Lathe digital speed readout tachometer on face of machine

Switch-off visible safety chuck guard

Guideway induction hardened and precision ground for long life

Inch & Metric thread, Left & Right hand thread cutting is avaialbe


Enclosed electric parts protective cover provide safety from the chips and dust

Change gears with smooth and silence running

4″ 3-Jaw Self-centering chuck

Imperial threading dial

Quick-locking tailstock

One year warranty which covers parts and assures the unit from from factory defects. Professional technical support from WEISS factory
Product Information
Technical Details
Model No. WBL1835 Item No. 10103083
Swing Over Bed 7″
Swing Over Cross Slide 4-5/16″
Distance Between Centers 13-3/4″
Width of bed 3-1/4″
Cross Slide Travel 2-9/16″
Compound Rest Travel 2-3/16″
Spindle Bore 25/32″
Spindle Nose Taper MT3
Number of Spindle Speeds Variable
Range of Spindle Speeds 100-2250 rpm
Number or Inch Threads 18
Range or Inch Threads 12 – 52 TPI
Number or Metric Threads 9
Range of Metric Threads 0.5 – 2.5 mm
Tailstock Barrel Taper MT2
Tailstock Quill Travel 2-3/8″
Motor Power (Brushless type) 3/4 HP
Power requirement Single Phase 110V 60Hz
Packing Size 31″ x 13″x15″
Net Weight 95 lbs
Gross Weight 108 lbs

Standard Equipment:

100mm three-Jaw Chuck

4-Way tool post

Splash Guard

Chip Tray

Toolbox & tools

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the WEISS WBL1835 Mini Metal Lathe:

Great, let’s tailor the frequently asked questions using the provided technical details:

1. **What is the maximum swing over the bed of the WEISS WBL1835 Mini Metal Lathe?**

– The maximum swing over the bed is 7 inches.

2. **What is the swing over the cross slide?**

– The swing over the cross slide is 4-5/16 inches.

3. **What is the distance between centers of this lathe?**

– The distance between centers is 13-3/4 inches.

4. **What is the width of the bed?**

– The width of the bed is 3-1/4 inches.

5. **How much does the cross slide travel?**

– The cross slide travel is 2-9/16 inches.

6. **What is the travel distance of the compound rest?**

– The compound rest travel is 2-3/16 inches.

7. **What is the spindle bore size?**

– The spindle bore size is 25/32 inches.

8. **What is the spindle nose taper?**

– The spindle nose taper is MT3.

9. **How many spindle speeds does it have?**

– The WEISS WBL1835 Mini Metal Lathe has variable spindle speeds.

10. **What is the range of spindle speeds?**

– The range of spindle speeds is 100-2250 rpm.

11. **How many inch threads does it support?**

– It supports 18 inch threads.

12. **What is the range of inch threads?**

– The range of inch threads is from 12 to 52 TPI (Threads Per Inch).

13. **How many metric threads does it support?**

– It supports 9 metric threads.

14. **What is the range of metric threads?**

– The range of metric threads is from 0.5 to 2.5 mm.

15. **What is the taper of the tailstock barrel?**

– The tailstock barrel taper is MT2.

16. **How much does the tailstock quill travel?**

– The tailstock quill travel is 2-3/8 inches.

17. **What is the power of the motor?**

– The motor power is 3/4 HP (Brushless type).

18. **What is the power requirement?**

– The power requirement is Single Phase 110V 60Hz.

19. **What are the dimensions of the packing box?**

– The packing size is 31″ x 13″ x 15″.

20. **What is the weight of the lathe?**

– The net weight of the lathe is 95 lbs, and the gross weight is 108 lbs.

These questions cover various aspects of the WEISS WBL1835 Mini Metal Lathe using the provided technical details.

The WEISS WBL1835 Mini Metal Lathe is suitable for machining a variety of materials commonly handled by machinists in small hobby bench lathes. These materials typically include:

1. **Metals:**
– Aluminum
– Brass
– Copper
– Mild steel
– Stainless steel

2. **Alloys:**
– Various aluminum alloys
– Brass alloys
– Bronze alloys
– Steel alloys

3. **Plastics:**
– Acrylic
– Delrin (POM)
– Nylon
– Polycarbonate (PC)

4. **Wood:**
– Softwoods (e.g., pine, cedar)
– Hardwoods (e.g., oak, maple)
– Plywood

These materials are commonly machined by hobbyist machinists using small bench lathes like the WEISS WBL1835 due to their versatility and ease of machining.


Weight 185 lbs


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